The Networked Age

March 12, 2012

I have become acutely aware that we are living in the midst of an ‘Information Revolution’; smart phones and Google have gone as far as changing dinnertime conversation.  After reading an article in the Harvard Business Review titled ‘Are you Network Literate’ I must also agree that we are living in a ‘Network Revolution’.  The ripples of this are creating international headlines and changing the way the globe does business.  Where we used to look for the right answers we are now looking for the right questions (and the right people).  Working in outreach and trying to find the “right people” is easier than ever – finding them at least…

As someone who is trying to take advantage of this revolution as it happens there are implications which are both tricky and amazing.  It is now possible to “ride along” with you companies top performer from anywhere in the world.  It is also possible to network with you coworker across the ocean in real time to solve problems.  It is also possible to find anyone using job titles, zip codes, skills and job level.  Who would have predicted instant messenger and text messaging working its way into mainstream business operations?  In a time where the line between a successful business and bankruptcy is so thin, companies increasingly have to innovate and evolve at faster and faster rates to stay relevant.  Part of this is a result of the revolutions and just how competitive things have become – but the tools being created can also be the cure.  The cliché is true – every problem is laced with opportunities.

The connectivity available to people now is also changing (well, has changed) the way organizations market themselves, sell their services and keep in touch with their clients.  It is amazing how specific we can get when researching a demographic now.  I have heard some people express worry and fear over the amount of information a company can glean about their habits and trends – I for one, enjoy the advertisements and special offers  received being tailored to my lifestyle and desires.

We certainly live in interesting times…


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